Live Spatial Sound and Audio-Visual Performance 
Audio: 8 Spatial Audio Channels – Lost Few and percussion by Luke Mcivor 
Vision: Portrait 1080×1920, Single Screen – Collaboration with Dancer Callum Mooney
Lighting: Andrew Waugh
Scent: Lost Few
Floral Sculpture:  Rose Studio & Lost Few
Presented at: Melbourne Music Week 2021


Between The Silence 

Photos by Kali Michailidis


Live  Audio-Visual Performance 
Audio: 2 Audio Channels –  Lost Few 
Vision: 1920×180 Single Screen – Keith Deverell 
Lighting: Responsive light installation by Lost Few & Keith Deverell
Presented at: The Substation


Between The Silence – MONOM

Live Spatial Sound Performance and Installation 
Audio: 57 Omni-Directional Spatial Audio Channels, powered by 4D sound.
Lost Few – Composer, Electronics, Spatialisation
Jenny Thomson – Vocals
Eric Sein (OAKE) – Vocals
Scent: Maya Sriqui
Creative Director: Will Russell
Presented at: MONOM, Berlin



Sound: 4 Audio Channels – Lost Few
Vision: 1920×1080 Dual Screen – Lost Few
Lighting: Responsive Light Installation – Lost Few
Presented at: Hillscene Live


Tresor 25 Years 

Tresor 25 Years / Substation

Video and Lighting Installation 
Vision: Portrait 1080×1920 Dual Screen – Lost Few
Lighting: Responsive light installation – Lost Few
Presented at: The Substation


Tantalum / Open Studios Group Show / Burrinja Art Centre

Audio-Visual and Sculpture Installation
Audio: 1 Audio Channels –  Lost Few 
Vision: 1920×180 Single Screen, projected through floral sculpture – Lost Few
Floral Sculpture: Lost Few
Presented at: Burrinja Cultural Centre